The Hawks Attackers are highly Offensive players who play right on the wings on either side of a centre forward.


All the offensive players are needed to use their skill to get at full-backs and the opponents Central defence with fast attacks and link up play to get fast shots away. They aim to shoot within 10 seconds of winning the ball in the attacking half and create 20 chances per game. 

When out of possession the whole attack led by the centre forward and supported from deep midfield have the role to rapidly hassle in a group the opposition defence to win the ball as close to the penalty area as possible. This puts maximum pressure on the defence and forces errors and misplaced passes as defenders panic under pressure.


We are comfortable to allow the opposition goalkeeper or defence to receive the ball and play out and set a rapid pressing trap. The Centre Forward is a key player in this tactic. as he pressures the goalkeeper and midfielders behind position themselves to sweep up long passes as defenders panic. 

The Centre Forward is an Out and Out Striker but has freedom to drift wide or into the midfield to collect the ball. We want our centre forward to shoot very quickly including from distance.

Importantly we want a mobile centre forward who is alert and wants the ball. He is encouraged to move around along the attacking line pulling defenders out of usual positions to create gaps in the half spaces for the wingers, wing backs and midfield to dominate. 

Lay off balls to midfield and turns are important and the Centre forward is required to drift deep to collect the ball in a type of False 9 at times like Lionel Messi or act as the German  "Raumdeuter" role which means "Space Interpreter" perfected by Thomas Muller and relies on anticipation and intelligent movement to create space by deception and awareness. The timing of runs in key to arrive in the right place at the right time..

Muller is one of the greatest exponents of this role in the with an incredible record with Bayern as an 8 times Bundesliga Winner and UEFA Champions League Winner. His 96 Caps, 36 goals and FIFA World Cup Success in 2014 with the Mannshaft point to him being rightly regarded as one of the greatest and most versatile strikers in the modern era.

Centre Forwards need to be fast, fit & strong with a powerful shot. They also need great awareness of space in the final third of the pitch to run onto through passes. 

Most important trait though is confidence and intelligence to shoot and a ruthless killer instinct.


There can have been no more perfect striker though than Francesco Totti the Immortal Roma striker and Argentine Gabriel Batistuta. The Angel Gabriel as he was known was the ultimate powerful centre forward with a ferocious shot and willingness to use this from anywhere he could.

Player requirements :


  • Comfortable on the ball

  • Positional discipline

  • Good vision

  • Awareness of team mates

  • Link up play.

  • Excellent range of passing over short and long distance

  • Rapid High Intensity Pressing.

Cristiano Ronaldo & Gareth Bale are excellent examples of the modern day attacking wingers.


And three great strikers to follow are the German, Thomas Muller as well as Marcelo Salas & Gabriel Batistuta both who played under Bielsa.