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The Hawks Wing Attackers are Offensive players who play right on the wings on either side of the striker. They are instructed to use their skill to get at full-backs and link with the central striker and attacking midfielders


It is important that these wide players have the skill and technique needed to control the ball  We want these types of players to cut inside and run at the central defenders, regularly playing quick passing exchanges with teammates before getting into the penalty area to shoot or support the attack.

Our team uses a formation so that the 2 lively wingers provide width in attack and defensive support to the midfield when not in possession.


The 2 wingers should like to run with the ball and like to dribble but in addition should they be comfortable dropping back to support the defensive line when needed. The wing position in this formation can be a physically demanding role and also demands a high quality end product.

The Wing Attackers are required to hug the touchline in the midfield third of the pitch to draw out defenders to create space for the Enganche, Wing Backs & Centre Forward


They should adopt a more free position in the final third when a goalscoring attack is in progress.

Player requirements :


  • Comfortable on the ball

  • Positional disciplined

  • Good vision

  • Awareness of team mates

  • Link up play.

  • Excellent range of passing over short and long distance

Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale and Arjen Robben are excellent examples of the modern day attacking wingers.

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