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HAWKS DNA is the playing & coaching philosophy of our Club

We are the Hawks & this is our DNA


The aim of the Hawks DNA resource is to help our Club and the Players and Coaches to learn more about our vision and values for all the Hawks Teams and Hawks Players. 


We want to ensure the ways of working being developed ensure consistency and connection between all our age-group teams. 


Our aim is that the DNA will help to create a strong developmental culture at our club focussed on our youngsters needs where coach and player development leads to successful teams, better coaches, better players, better people and Young Leaders.

Our Values & Vision

To be the Most Respected Team in the Area


  • SPORTSMANSHIP - Respect and Fair Play.

  • PRIDE & IDENTITY  wearing our Red & Black Half & Half Shirt & Badge

  • FAIRNESS for every player with 50% minimum Pitch time


  • DEVELOPING BETTER PEOPLE especially our Young Leaders for the future.

  • HIGH STANDARDS on and off the Pitch

  • RESPECT & POSITIVE BEHAVIOUR from all at the club

  • HIGH STANDARDS & INTEGRITY in the way we work

  • SIDE BEFORE SELF every time - Multi positional skilled players 

  • LEGACY – The only thing that changes is the size of the shirt

  • MORE THAN A CLUB - We want it to be the most respected in the area


Hawks DNA consists of 5 core elements

Who We Are

How We Play

The Future Player

How We Coach

How We Support

Creating the Hawks DNA

Ever Evolving

The Coaches at the Club attended a number of National and Regional Coach education events and conferences linked to the FA Youth Review and launch of England DNA.

Under the England DNA Project clubs were encouraged to develop there own DNA and Hawks decided to link our to the themes within the England DNA and our  clubs core values.

In December 2013 the coaches discussed with the players what was important to the Young Players and why they enjoyed playing football as part of the Your Kids , Your Say initiative.
In August 2015 the coaches and players openly discussed together the first two core elements of the DNA. - Who We Are & How We Play.

The players were encouraged to come up with a series of words that we would use to set a vision of who the Hawks were and start developing a deep culture within the club.

Following on from this we began looking at How We Play and decided again to use a set of words as a blueprint for developing a playing style. 

This involved ensuring young players needs were met, everyone was treated fairly and we developed players who can play in multiple positions.
Our aim is to continually strive to improve and evolve our ways of working and thinking.
The context of the Hawks DNA will evolve to reflect the changing trends in the modern game, latest FA research, new ideas and the different stages the teams mature at based on their age and priorities. 
We want this to be player led with elements of guided discovery for our young players and coaches. 
Coaching should be based on encouraging players to think for themselves to solve in game problems. This involved asking lots of questions rather than giving instructions.
We want to maintain the highest standards on and off the pitch and use Football as the vehicle to not only develop better players and coaches but also better people.
As we evolve we want to leave our club and our shirt in a better place.
As our New Younger Hawks Team have begun in 2018 and our older Teams reach maturity and play on full sized pitches we have further refined our plans whist making sure we retain our Culture and our values around Pride, Identity, High Standards, Fairness and Sportsmanship.




Those Who Care





Our Legacy

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