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How Hawks teams play will be the strongest demonstration of our Playing DNA.

At Hawks we aim to play Ultra attacking Football, We want to score goals  and as many as possible. 

Our Players are encouraged to stay on the ball, take risks and experiment without fear. Our players are taught to play in all positions to develop themselves as universal footballers.


The best position is on the pitch.


Our teams learn a possession game from a young age with lots of passing "Rondo" games so players are comfortable with the ball at their feet.


We play a high pressure game and aim to launch lightening attacks.

Innovation and ideas are part of our plans - we want to be different. 

We don't want to encourage players to "clear the ball" or "Get rid or it" these are banned phrase at our club and are NOT part of our DNA.

Our aim is for all Hawks teams to demonstrate a consistent playing style based on the England DNA playing philosophy and the Hawks way.

Dan Ashworth & Gareth Southgate of the FA talk about the Playing  Strategy of England DNA and the role of Youth Development in this

Playing philosophy

In Possession

Hawks teams aim to dominate possession intelligently, selecting the right moments to progress the play and penetrate the opposition.

Out of Possession

Hawks teams aim to regain possession intelligently as early and as efficiently as possible. All aspects of the out of possession philosophy will take into consideration the state of the game, the environment and the pre-determined game plan.


Hawks teams aim to sense changing moments in the game both in and out of possession, reacting instinctively and intelligently.


Hawks teams will play with tactical flexibility, based on the profile of the players available and the requirements of the match or competition.

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