The Goalkeeper plays a vital role at the Hawks but the Modern Day Goalkeeper isn't just there to protect the goal.

These days a goalkeeper needs confidence, ballplaying skills and needs to be able to produce a range of passes often under pressure. We want our keeper to be a leader and help the team with his unique position on the pitch.

The goalie is increasingly involved in the game and plays a large role in particular by shifting the play across the pitch when receiving a backpass to create space and start attacks.


Therefore, they should master not just the passing moves, but especially receiving the ball and playing the ball, working both legs in the drills, of course. Often the goalie is also known as the "modern fullback" and "Sweeper Keeper".

Fast distribution can lead to devastating attacks and it is important the goalkeeper works closely with the centre backs and wing backs. They are the part of the team that often starts the launch of counter attacking.

Naturally, it is important to actively participate in the game. Today, goalies no longer stand along the goal line as if they are planted there permanently. They need to be aware of long through balls and be able to react instantly to danger and move to the edge of the box to deal with attacks.

A goalie must be able to "read" the game and make decisive  decisions and be willing to engage in active play at any time. The goallie has the best picture of what is going on ahead of him and because of this he can help his team organise defence.


It is required of a modern goalie that he focuses on the game from the first minute all the way until the last minute

Player requirements :


  • Fast Decision Making

  • Comfortable on the ball

  • Awareness of Danger and Opportunities

  • Excellent Organisation & Communication Skils

  • Commanding and Loud

  • Excellent range of passing over short and long distance

  • Does not panic

  • Commanding

Marc-Andre Ter Stegen, Claudio Bravo & Manuel Neuer are excellent examples of modern day Goalkeepers.

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