Transition is the process of recognition and response in the first few moments following the regaining or loss of possession.

Responding quickly and intelligently to a changeover in possession, will allow Hawks to exploit attacking opportunities and effectively re-organise defensively when out of possession.

We have a Golden Rule to aim to win the ball back within 5 seconds in the Transition phase after immediate presssure when Out of Possession.

At Set Plays , throw ins, goalkicks , free kicks or corners we aim to play as fast as possible to catch the opposition out before they are prepared.

What skills are needed for effective transition?


Recognising the state of the game and responding with instinctive, intelligent and positive decisions is the startpoint for effective transitional play.

Once the player in possession (or the player closest to the ball in defensive transition) makes a decision, the supporting players and the rest of the team must support the initial movement for transition to be effective.

The goalkeeper plays a key role in transition by exploiting opportunities to begin attacking moves as well as positioning, organising and communicating effectively during defensive transition.

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