Teams are supported by a range of ways including analytical and psychological.

The coaching staff will help increase the effectiveness of coaching and enhance the development of individual players and team performance.

We will use a curriculum of topics to develop our teams as they mature focusing on football basics, tactical awareness, a playing style and team building.


Performance analysis is the use of video and analytical tools and skills to provide insights and feedback.

Performance analysis helps to accelerate the technical and tactical development of teams and players, aids in player selection, and helps to determine technical and tactical training requirements and the game strategy.

The club uses the HIVE Tool & also HUDL to send game analysis to players with tactical debriefs.

Performance analysis also includes:

  • Tactical analysis and systems of play using video

  • Technical and tactical analysis of players

  • Benchmarking of performance

  • Trend analysis of teams and players

  • Effective live and retrospective feedback

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Specialist coaching focus on developing skills which enable individuals to effectively manage their own emotions and interactions with others are a part of the performances services

Performance psychology is used to help accelerate learning, improve performance and develop greater individual and team resilience under pressure.

Performance psychology is implemented through:

  • The profiling of people

  • 4 corner review and objective setting

  • Observation of interactions

  • On and off-field sessions and advice

  • Direct coaching of individuals and teams