The foundation of a great clubs is a great culture and environment.


We need people who are beyond proud to pull on our shirt.  Our Values and Beliefs are at the heart of everything we do. Wearing our badge identifies us.  Everyone has a part to play. 

As a grassroots club supporting young people everyone especially the adults need to remember that youngsters are involved because they love the game and have different reasons to play sport than adults might think.

Our players decided themselves on our values by choosing a series of words which describe what being a member of the Hawks is all about.


These values are used before games and training session to remind ourselves of the standards we expect.

We strive for the highest standards on and off the Pitch. Nothing less is acceptable. 


Respect for everyone, Excellence & Sportsmanship are the minimum requirements. Relationships are the Glue that holds everything together.

Character, Loyalty and a Great Attitude are everything. It is "Side before Self" every time.

We don't just play for the team . We all need to care about the Club as we represent everything it stands for.

The aim is simple "Get the Right People on the Bus and Drive Somewhere Great"



Our Culture, Values & Identity are backed up by the highest of standards. In order to thrive we need to have rules and codes of conduct that are the foundations and pillars we build on.

Small things and rituals that may seem trivial set the tone and help us develop a culture. These are lessons in life which help teach our youngsters things that will help them as adults.

Image & Reputation are the number one most important thing, When you pull on our shirt you are an ambassador for the club.


Respect everyone involved in the game because everyone deserves to be treated in the same way as we expect to be treated.

Good Manners and Sportsmanship because it is important to be humble when you win and lose with good grace. A handshake before and after the game costs nothing .

Your Red and Black Half and Half Hawks Shirt should be worn at all times at the club because it identifies us and creates a team culture. Be proud of your club.

Keeping the place neat and tidy , helping tidy up shows you care.


Get involved because there are always jobs to do.

Punctuality & timekeeping because being late and not letting people know you are attending makes it hard to plan.

Learning is about freedom to experiment and try things withour fear in order to get a deeper understanding . Everyone is here to help and there is time to hear everyone.  Listen , Learn, don't be afraid to take risks and enjoy. 

Don't criticise your team mates in play , negative energy effects everyone.

Welcome new people and tell them about our club because everyone was new to the club once .


"Better People, Make Better Hawks"

"You don't just play for this Club , You represent this Club"










"Relationships are the glue that holds teams together"

"Get the Right People on the Bus, Drive somewhere Great"

               " Side before Self - Every time"