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All the midfielders perform different defensive and offensive roles.


One of the key Hawks players in the formation is the CDM or Regista as it is known in Italy. This player plays just in front of the 3 Hawks Centre Backs.


The Central Defensive Midfielders job is to break up opposition attacks before releasing the ball to teammates. preferably the Wing-Backs, Wing Attackers and as well as working in the midfield with the more free Enganche player or CAM.


This role in the team should not be understated as teammates can attack in the knowledge that they have a dependable tackling and powerful midfielder behind them with the skills to start attacks.


When out of possession and having to defend this player can drop back creating a defensive wall with the centres backs and act as a "disrupter".

It is important this player works in the area in front of the defence and does not get dragged out of position into wide areas.


The main role is to screen the defence and stop attackers entering Zone 14. To do this they need to mark attackers very tightly to stop them turning to face the goal to shoot.


It is vital this player does not rashly go out to tackle allowing players to beat them - delaying attackers is important also.


Player requirements :


  • Comfortable on the ball

  • Positionally disciplined

  • Good vision

  • Awareness of team mates

  • Brave in the tackle.

  • Excellent range of passing over short and long distance

Sergio Busquets, Xavi Alonso and Andreas Pirlo are excellent examples of the modern day CDM.


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