Attributes and Skills

We hope to identify and develop Hawks players with multiple attributes and skills capable of playing in multiple positions.

Players have different priorities at different stages and we will evolve our plans based on age and the reasons why they play football.

What is important to the player is important to us.

Our aim is to develop universal players.

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We aim to develop Hawks players to possess skills in the following areas:

  • Agility, balance, coordination

  • Speed/Speed endurance

  • Flexibility

  • Power

  • Strength

  • Nutrition and lifestyle

  • Physical resilience

  • Recovery

  • Versatility


We aim to develop technically excellent Hawks players with the skills and attributes to excel in adult football.


Future Hawks players will have the ability to create, score and prevent goals through excellence in:

  • Playing in multiple positions

  • Receiving skills

  • Turning skills

  • Travelling with the ball

  • Passing over varying distances

  • Attacking and defending skills

  • Finishing skills

  • Aerial ability

  • Taking Risks

  • Keeping the ball in play at all times

  • Playing 360 degrees


We aim to develop Hawks players with the psychological skills and strategies to shape a winning culture and mentality.

We aim to develop reflective, resourceful and resilient players who display outstanding:

  • Confidence

  • Creativity

  • Concentration

  • Communication

  • Control

  • Commitment


We aim to develop Hawks players with a comprehensive knowledge, understanding and experience of football. We will aim to develop players who are equipped with the skills, abilities and decision-making capability to tactically manage games independently with minimum instructions.

We aim to develop players who can:

  • Recognise and adapt to the state of the game

  • Achieve winning performances by maximising strengths and exploiting weaknesses

  • Understand and apply individual, unit and team roles and responsibilities

  • Adopt varied playing styles and formations

  • Perform effectively against varied playing styles and formations

  • Deal with varied environmental conditions

  • Play in all positions on the pitch


We aim to develop Hawks players who display outstanding social skills across the following areas:

  • Behaviour

  • Reflection

  • Teamwork

  • Relationships

  • Accountability

  • Responsibility

  • Independence