Mini-Hawks Foundation Phase Academy


Connecting the Game at Hawks


Mini Hawks is the Clubs Foundation Phase Academy for Children aged 5-8 who are enjoying their first experience of Football at a club.

The Mini Hawks has children from Reception Ages at School and Years 1 and 2. Our lead coaches have been trained specifically to support this age group by undertaking FA Youth Qualifications.

Our aim is to connect the whole game at our Club so that Young Players know who the older ages players are in our youth teams and feel comfortable around them.  The Teenagers help the Mini Hawks as part of their own Leadership Development.  Senior Coaches mentor New Coaches as they get their 1st Experience in the coaching world.

Our Values and Principles underpin this all. 

  1. Equal Playing Time Opportunities

  2. Having Fun

  3. Getting chances to try different positions

  4. Falling in Love with the Game

  5. Focus on Children's needs not Adults Expectation

  6. Connecting our Club 

We aim to hold as many coaching and club sessions where all ages and teams are at the club at the same time. This is about developing long term plans for Hawks but importantly a Club feel good factor.

This is the most important part of the club as we welcome new players, parents and families to find out what the Hawks are all about.


The child’s attitude to sport and physical activity can be massively influenced by this first introduction and involvement in the following ways:

  • When the focus is on fun, enjoyment and individual needs the child is able to build a strong relationship with the sport and the adults and children involved.

  • Engaging in activities that promote agility, balance, coordination, strength and speed delivered by an enthusiastic and knowledgeable coach will form the foundations for lifelong participation and a healthy lifestyle.

  • Being part of a group and enjoying an activity together where co-operation, sharing and collaboration are at the forefront will bring huge benefits both in the short and long term

  • Being in an environment that is supportive and allows you to feel motivated and good about yourself is a great place to begin your lifelong love of sport.

Mini Hawks Play all year round if you want to get involved as a player, parent or coach then contact us .

Text "Mini Hawks " to 07598 275841


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