Hawks training sessions are delivered as part of the Plan, Do, Review process, using the England DNA Coaching Fundamentals as a framework for practice design and delivery.

Remember coaching is supposed to be enjoyable. 


  • Set individual and collective learning objectives using The FA Four Corner Player Development Model

  • Design on-field and off-field training activities using the DNA Coaching Fundamentals and linking to the DNA playing philosophy

  • Consider recommendations and evaluation of previous sessions.

  • Plan your sessions in advance so they flow around a topic.

  • Plan progression through the session to challenge players.

  • Consider themes of topics over a period of several weeks rather than ad hoc sessions with no long term plan.

  • Consider the age of the group

  • Arrived early, act professional and be prepared with the correct kit and equipment.



  • Deliver a variety of activities using the DNA Coaching Fundamentals which meet the individual and collective needs of the group

  • Set some objectives at the start of the session with the players.

  • Deliver the session utilising the expertise of all coaching and club staff

  • Seek advice if needed from other coaches.

  • Experiment and make sessions Fun - players come to enjoy playing and mixing with teammates and friends. 

  • Be patient with youngsters as not everything will go to plan.

  • Be flexible 

  • Set high standards of conduct.



  • Review the effectiveness of the session against the intended learning objectives and the DNA playing philosophy at the end of the session with players.

  • Ensure all reviews are collaborative and inclusive of all players and coaches to allow for reflection & discussion to improve understanding.

  • Get feedback from players and other coaches as to what they thought about the session and enjoyed.

  • Agree plans for future sessions with players. 

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