Hawks Goalkeeper Masterclasses

The goalkeeper is one of the most important players on the field - they are the last line of defence and the first line of attack. To play the position well requires special skills and training.

Too many Clubs and coaches turn a blind eye to goalkeeping techniques and tactics. This is especially true at younger age levels, where often coaches have not played in goals at all.

Even experienced field players and coaches may not have much experience with goalkeeping.

To produce goalkeepers for the next level we must prioritize

Hawks have specialist Goalkeeping Coaching staff and expert technicians. The club also works with including people who have played in the position at high levels of the game.

Having people who understand these demands is vital.

As part of our Hawks in the Community work we want to help us give something back to the local football community.


Supporting other clubs develop there keepers helps build great partnerships between clubs and a place where local keepers can work together and build bonds and friendships. 

Contact us to Get Involved or find our more.

Initially we would really like to work with a group of local Goalkeepers in the Youth Development Phase (14-16) . 

We will support Foundation Phase (5-8) at our Mini Hawks Academy.

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TEXT : Hawks Goalkeeper Academy

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Our Syllabus

We have designed a syllabus to work on over a series of sessions covering a number of key areas.


Our Coaches will work closely with our goalkeepers to put together a Long Term Personal Development Plan to help you develop your game.


We will involve you and your club coach to help you.


This programme is about you and your needs.

Topics will include :


  • Handling:    -   Ability to hold on to the ball.

  • Diving:        -   Power, Technique and shape.

  • Distribution -   To pass as well any other player on the field.

  • Crossing      -   High-low and inswing-outswing;

  • Authority     -   Control your area.

  • Throwing     -   Decision making, Accuracy, Distance.

  • Tactical        -   Starting positions & dealing with set pieces.

  • Leadership   -  Organization and communication


Even though the goalkeeper must, whenever possible, be given individual training at the hands of a specialist coach, they must also take part in training sessions with the whole team allowing them to be confronted with real match situations.


We will involve your club coach to ensure you benefit and your team does from the work.


Long Term Player Development (LTPD)



Long Term Player Development (LTPD) is the pathway to make a player the best they can be.


LTPD is a player centred approach that provides guidelines for correct training, competition, and recovery based on scientific principles of human development and athlete training.

Player centred means we respect the developmental needs of our players first and foremost. We ensure that our young players have fun while they learn so they want to continue playing. It also means we provide challenging opportunities for special talents so they can develop their abilities and pursue excellence.


STAGE 5 (Training to Compete U15-U19 Female/U16-U20 Male)



LTPD works in 5 stages: 

  • Stage 1  - Active start, FUNdamentals and Learn to Train

  • Stage 2  - Training to Train U11-U15 Female/U12-U16 Male

  • STAGE 3  - Training to Compete U15-U19 Female/U16-U20 Male

  • STAGE 4 -  Training to Win U18+ Female

  • STAGE 5 -  Active for Life Any age Female and Male


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STAGE 1 : 

Active start, FUNdamentals, Learn to Train

This stage is for the ages between 6-10, there is always discussion regarding the correct age to be coaching one on one position specific training.

Hawks believe kids should be having fun at this age and enjoying playing the game they love. There should be no pressure on them to become the next big thing.

Most 6-10 year old’s who like playing in goal do it because they love throwing themselves through the air or into the mud and enjoy the attention and praise they get for making a great save.

But so long as the coaching – as with outfield football coaching at this age group – is focused on having fun, building up their motor functions, keeping healthy, building social skills and enjoying themselves whilst developing goalkeeping skills, I don’t see why this can’t be done from an early age.

The player will be in traduced to goalkeeping helped by playing games that helps them learn the foundations of goalkeeping (catching, throwing, kicking the ball and playing with the outfield players as a modern keeper must be as good with their feet as with their hands).


STAGE 5 (Training to Compete U15-U19 Female/U16-U20 Male)


Training to Train U11-U15 Girls / U12-U16 Boys

Specialization phase, but should still play field. Refine ball handling at all heights plus shots and with crosses. Catch? Deflect?


Top hand situations. Develop two-handed/one-handed punching of crossed balls. Refine throwing and diving techniques, footwork, goal kicks and punts. Develop drop kicks and moving back passes. Introduce side winder, fly kick and tackling.

From this stage onwards we will build the players profile, recording their progress in each module (Handling, Diving, Feet skills, Crossing, Principles and Tactics).


Modules Detailed below.

At the end of each month the player and the coach will sit together and discuss their progress and record the progress together.

Each month will be dedicated to a module at a time and at the end of the month the player will have a review with the coach and the following month will be dedicated to another module.

At the end off each season the player will receive an end of season report containing all the modules reviews and coach report on the players progress and development for that season.


STAGE 5 (Training to Compete U15-U19 Female/U16-U20 Male)

STAGE 5 : 

Active for Life Any age Female and Male

Whoever is willing to play in goal is still working on their skills – dreaming of being called up to the big time!


STAGE 5 (Training to Compete U15-U19 Female/U16-U20 Male

STAGE 3 : 

Training to Compete U15-19 Girls/U16-20 Boys

Most players including keepers now play in specialized positions at this age group. They want to continue refining and perfecting all techniques, including ball handling, diving, footwork, deflecting and punching, diving, and kicking.


Greater emphasis will be on the leadership role regarding communication/positioning/directing players, particularly defenders, in tactical requirements.


STAGE 5 (Training to Compete U15-U19 Female/U16-U20 Male)


Training to Win U18+ Female

Goalkeepers are now entirely specialists.


Most skills are in a maintenance or remedial mode and “perfecting” mode. The leadership/tactical role of the Sweeper/Keeper is paramount.


The interaction between GKs and outfield players is critical to the success of the team. These should be steadily tested/refined in training and game situations with the highest level of competition and pressure.


STAGE 5 (Training to Compete U15-U19 Female/U16-U20 Male)